"Architecture is for people not architects."

T. H. Piehl  

Aaron's Rent to Purchase

This project involved the renovation of an existing retail center in Garfield Township to facilitate Aaron's Rent to Purchase plus two other retail lease spaces. The demolition 3,200sf of unusable construction was required. This was replaced by 4,400sf addition. The renovation resulted in a total of 11,300sf of retail space.

Architect: Tom Piehl, Architect, plc
Structural Engineer: CTM Associates, Inc.
Contractor: Triangle Associates
Completed: Winter 2006






  Bimber Law Office

  OPA! Coney & Grill

  Culvers Restaurant

  North Country Grill


  Cherryland Center






"Great architecture relies on three things: communication, communication and communication."

T. H. Piehl  

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